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ITO Kosei
伊藤 晃生


Become "someone" of "someone"

Research themeMy life's GOAL
Making many people happy by using design technology!Become a person who makes people all over the world smile by using the special technique "social design"

2020 Subjects to take of first half-year

【Compulsory】【Elective of Compulsory】【Elective】
Graduation Research INoneNone

【Refer to my past courses】

My self introduction

moi! Hi guys!(*´ω`*)
I am ITO Kosei when born and raised in Fukuoka city in japan.
I love design and started studying professionally from high school, and now I'm in my seventh year of studying design.
At university, I'm permanently stationed in the laboratory as a learning assistant. If you like it, I'll consult with you if you have any problems!
After graduating from university, I'm currently wondering whether to go on to graduate school or start a business. LOL

Personal blog

From the spring of 2019, I started the operation of a personal blog for the purpose of transmitting information.
As a personal research, I'm working as part of my study on site management, advertising management, etc.
I'll mainly post articles about travel records, new information, design, study methods, fanzines, etc.
You gotta check it out(*´ω`*)

【For those who want to know more about me】

■ Hobby ■

A leisurely trip abroad Creation of original fanzines Sing with a guitar Muscle training Making sweets,

■ Favorite Anime ■

My hero academiaPV】 / Yuri !!! on ICEPV
The Ancient Magus' BridePV】 / ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.PV】 
Library WarsPV】 / HEROMANPV
You're Under ArrestPV】 / Free!PV】 / BANANA FISHPV
Hakata Tonkotsu RamensPV】 / SSSS.GRIDMANPV
Kare KanoPV】 / VOLTRONPV】 / MushishiPV

■ Favorite Publication ■

Good night, I love you」 「KissBang」 「Hometown of godPV】」
Silencio」 「We have last 100days!!」 「KEISATSU NO ONI-SAN
silent voice」 「I'm addicted to you.PV】」 「POPEYE
A job that creates hope Social Design」 「What is a word

■ Favorite Music ■

fukuwarai (Yu takahashi) / Silkworm (RADWIMPS) / eye-pleasing (Kenshi YONEZU
Sumidagawaamazarashi) / Hybrid Rainbow (The Pillows
beloved (Fukuyama Masaharu) / individuality (SUPER BEAVER
Ambivalent (Eve) / Beyond the footprints (Fuumido

■ Favorite Movies ■

Arrival / Stranger Than Fiction
ruokala lokki / The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
English Vinglish
The "Bayside Shakedown" / Ground Control / Kakekomi
The Intern / Tokyo Godfathers

■ Favorite video ■



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