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Kosei Ito  - 伊藤 晃生 -

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⁅Research Theme⁆

If developed and developing countries cooperate,What kind of design can you do?

⁅Future Goals⁆

To become a social designer and help people around the world with "fun!"




【Compulsory Subjects】

【Slective Subjects】


⁅My favorite book and E-book⁆ new!

 +Recently read books+  WE HAVE LAST 100DAYS!! (natakokone

⁅Favorite Music⁆

⁅Favorite Animation⁆

 +Favorite Voice Actor+ Tomoaki Maeno

⁅Favorite Movie⁆


⁅Favorite Video⁆

Kyushu High school
Exhibition of Graduation Works 51st period / Grand Prize Video Media Dept.
「Iza! Mairubai. The Netherlands & France 」Private website only
6 days from 9th November to 14th November 2015,On my school trip I left for the Netherlands and France in the western part of Europe,Student 51st design dept. and faculty members in design department.
Produced 6 days of gorgeous art that has overcome a lot of struggles in variety style and traveling program style.
Several terrorist attacks occurred in Paris on arrival!
Can we really return to Fukuoka, Japan?
The theme of the work is "smile", it is a work that anyone can enjoy regardless of age.
Can you intended to go to Europe?

Iza! Mairubai. new series trailer



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